Places of interest

History & Culture

Dainuva Adventure Valley

Dainuvos Slėnis, Vilniaus g. 80 B, Anykščiai, 55.513846, 25.083185

Dainuva Adventure Valley is an active leisure and entertainment park, located on the shore of the Šventoji in the Forest of Anykščiai. The park has 6 routes of different difficulty. This highest route goes up to a height of 13 meters. The youngest adventurers can enjoy the safe Kids Routes intended for 6-11-year-old children.


Cold War Museum

Didžioji g. 8, Plateliai ; Koordinatės: 369504, 6212682 (LKS); 56.030391, 21.906232 (WGS); 56° 1′ 49.41″, 21° 54′ 22.44″ (WGS)., 56.031895, 21.906382

This is the only exhibition in Europe located in one of the first former underground ballistic missile launching facilities of the Soviet Union. The historic exhibition tells of the five-hundred-year-long Cold War, which is considered to be one of the most famous and most dangerous military conflicts in world history.

Nature & Wildlife

Poetry Park

Vilkaviškio g., Marijampolė, 54.557724, 23.346459

The park has nearly 100 varieties of trees and bushes. The reconstruction of the park was completed in Autumn 2012. The park was decorated in benches with soft flowing shapes, modern and cost-efficient lighting solutions, flowers and a children’s playground in the resting area. The park also has three fountains and an amphitheater for chamber concerts.

History & Culture

Geographical Centre of Europe

Golfo g. 6, Girija, Vilniaus r., 54.906604, 25.318961

In 1989, the scientists of the French National Geographic Institute determined the geographical centre of Europe to be in Lithuania, 26 km to the north of Vilnius. The Geographical Centre of Europe is marked with the composition of a prominent Lithuanian sculptor Gediminas Jokūbonis, intended to commemorate Lithuania joining the EU. The composition is a white granite column, the top of which is adorned in a crown of stars.

Nature & Wildlife /Special Interests

Neman Delta

Šilutės rajonas, 55.313132, 21.347224

Pamarys Region is known for the unique Neman Delta and its main branches Atmata and Skirvytė that surround the Island of Rusnė. Visit the Neman Delta Regional Park for unforgettable memories during the heavy spring floods.


Beekeeping Museum

Stripeikių kaimas, Ignalinos rajonas, 55.408369, 25.944891

Since its opening in 1984, the Beekeeping Museum has become quite known not only in Lithuania but also abroad. Here, curious tourists might learn a lot about the history of Lithuanian beekeeping and the peculiarities of bees as well as enjoy some sweet moments of a unique form of entertainment. The Beekeeping Museum offers one-of-a-kind beekeeping-related education programs, the possibility to observe bees in their natural habitat through the glass window of a beehive and to enjoy beautiful nature and atmosphere.


Raudonė Castle

Pilies g. 1, Raudonė, Jurbarko r., 55.096985, 23.131044

Presently, Raudonė High School is established in Raudonė Castle, built in the 16th century. The restored 33.5-meter-high tower welcomes tourists to admire the beautiful vistas and loops of the Neman. The castle stands surrounded by an old park with promenades of rare varieties of trees. Unfortunately, the Gediminas Oak is no longer bearing green buds in the spring. According to the local myths, the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas had his last lunch under this very oak on his way to Veliuona.

Special Interests

Birštonas Kneipp Garden

Birutės g. 16, LT-59217 Birštonas, 54.600797, 24.034131

“Water treats everything, water does miracles, prevention is better than treatment”: such is the unique health care philosophy developed and perfected by German spiritualist Sebastian Kneipp in the 19th century. Kneipp Garden has been designed based on Kneipp’s recommendations and is intended for cold water procedures that tone the body and strengthen the immune system.

Nature & Wildlife /History & Culture

Klaipėda Sculpture Park

K. Donelaičio g. 6B, 92145 Klaipėda, 55.716939, 21.139438

Sculpture Park is an open-air gallery of modern Lithuanian sculpture, which was founded in 1977. Today, 116 sculptures created by 67 Lithuanian artists are exhibited in the park that covers an area of 12 hectares. In 1820, the central cemetery of the city was opened on this site, and the monument to those buried before 1944 can be seen in the park. The rebels who died in the battle of Klaipėda’s annexation to Lithuania are also buried there. Apart from that, the park has an obelisk from 1925, an authentic demarcation (frontier) pillar that used to mark the border between Lithuania Minor and Lithuania Major. It is a great place for the park visitors to ...



Vokiečių g. 4, Vilnius, 54.678344, 25.285401

Here, history does not hide in glass cages. Take a 15-minute-long trip across 700 years of Lithuanian history. Multilayered computer graphics, lasers and projections all work together to leave you with unforgettable impressions. You will view 18 corner stones of Lithuanian history selected by prominent Lithuanian historian Alfredas Bumblauskas.

Special Interests

"Druskupis" Open-air Mineral Water Evaporation Structure

Algirdo g. 21, Birštonas, 54.608648, 24.032892

The only one in Lithuania - Druskupis mineral water evaporation facility in Birštonas, where you can enjoy exceptionally healthy "sea effect" air. The "sea effect" air from the evaporator allows for a comprehensive combination of rehabilitation procedures at Birštonas Sanatoriums and natural remedies for health, which will only further enhance the healing effect and help the sufferers to stand on their feet faster. Breathing in salt-saturated air is particularly beneficial for people with a variety of respiratory illnesses, and this type of air also benefits the skin by making it smoother, supple and brighter with t...


Horse Museum

Klerkamiesčio g. 7, Niūronys, Anykščių r., 55.573394, 25.086828

Horse Museum is the only such museum in the Baltic States and is located in Niūronys Village near Anykščiai. The museum has large collections of exhibits related to Lithuanian horse-breeding. The museum has sixteen buildings, all with own exhibitions, a craft center and homesteads of Highlands style. The museum works hard to update its exhibitions, holds educational programs, demonstrates and teaches traditional crafts.

History & Culture

Joniškis Synagogue Complex

Miesto a. 4, Joniškis 84148, 56.240109, 23.616795

A complex of two masonry synagogues of the 19th century stands in the center of the city. The complex is comprised of the awe-inspiring White Summer Synagogue of the late classicism and romanticism and the Red Winter Synagogue of historicism period with neogothic elements (Miesto A. 4B). The restored synagogues became important cultural and representative centers of the city. The synagogues serve as venues for European Jewish cultural events, conferences and seminars, presentations of art and concerts, presentations of publications and exhibitions. The Red Synagogue boasts a restored and recreated unique interior: ceiling decorations, wall murals, Aron Kodesh, w...

History & Culture

Birštonas Kurhaus

B. Sruogos g. 2, LT-59209 Birštonas, 54.600270, 24.033303

One of the oldest wooden buildings in Lithuania, Kurhaus located just a short distance from Vytautas Park. Since opening in 1855, it differed from similar houses. It accommodated no playhouse, no banks, but was opened for classical music concerts. This tradition has survived the times and continues nowadays. As you enter, there is an art exhibition and a display of historical photos of the building showing how its appearance differed from present day. The building withstood wars. It was protected even during Soviet times, and because of that, its appearance has changed very little during the last one hundred and fifty years. According to architects, the desig...

Activities /History & Culture

Castle museum

Priešpilio g. 2, 91240 Klaipėda, 55.705847, 21.129203

This small museum is located inside the ruins of the old castle surrounded by moats, which was built in Klaipėda in the 13th century. Inside the authentic 16–18th-century posterns, you will learn about the development of the castle and the city. The museum exhibits archaeological articles and documents found in the castle and the Old Town, the seals of the Klaipėda city, and the reconstructed clothing of the 17th century. Among the exhibits, the symbol of the Renaissance Klaipėda, a golden ring with an inlaid gemstone, and the scale model of the Klaipėda castle and city of the second half of the 17th century.

Activities /History & Culture

Clock and Watch Museum

Liepų g. 12, Klaipėda, 55.712169, 21.134113

One of the unique museums of Northern Europe. Established in 1984, the museum is located in a restored 19th-century building. It exhibits originals, models and replicas of ancient calendars, sundials, hourglasses, water, and fire clocks, as well as original 17th–20th-century mechanical clocks. The exhibition at the Clock Museum consists of two parts. The first floor reveals the principles of time measurement and the evolution of clock construction from antiquity to the present day.The second floor showcases the changes in the shape and design of mechanical clocks from the renaissance to modern styles (16th to 20th centuries). The exhibition presents the...


Birštonas Observation Tower

Bokšto al. 25, Birštonas, 54.603592, 24.013052

One can admire the Nemunas from the river’s banks; they are 30-70 m high. Such elevation changes are quite rare in Lithuania. These views take travellers‘ breath away and these views leave a lasting impression! Yet one question remained unanswered – how to enjoy the landscape without flying, how to feel oneself between two rivers while staying on the ground. From now on, to feel like a bird in the sky and to see incredible landscape - one can climb the Birštonas Observation Tower - the highest such tower in Lithuania.


Active Leisure Trail

Birštonas, 59200, 54.611745, 24.015090

Chimneys in obstacles installed in trees. On a hot summer day - great entertainment in the shade of the trees on the Žvėrinčius forest trail.

History & Culture

Pakruojis Manor

Karčiamos g. 9, Pakruojis, Pakruojo r., 55.986090, 23.879318

Pakruojis Manor is a great example of the late classicism and the largest remaining complex of 26 buildings in Lithuania. The majority of the buildings date back to the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. A total of 43 structures stand in the manor territory fenced in a masonry fence dating back to 1840. The manor’s park is over 150 years old and boasts as many as 26 varieties of trees.


Jonas Gižas Ethnographic Homestead

Žvejų g. 13, Drevernos k., LT-96240, Klaipėdos r., 55.517542, 21.240261

Jonas Gižas Ethnographic Homestead is located in Dreverna (Žvejų St. 13). It is the only remaining Lithuanian homestead of a shipbuilder. The museum introduces the shipbuilding and fishing traditions in Pamarys Region. In the beginning of the 20th century, Jonas Gižas (1867–1940) lived here in the beginning of the 20th century. Following a major reconstruction of the homestead in 2010, the museum acquired an interactive four-part exhibition titled J. Gižas. Opening the Chest of a Shipbuilder... The first part of the exhibition is dedicated to the shipbuilding in the region of the Curonian Lagoon, presenting the shipbuilding technological processes and the...

Nature & Wildlife

Nemunas Loops Regional Park Visitor Center

Tylioji g. 1, Birštonas, 54.607561, 24.026109

The purpose of the regional park is to preserve the system of the great loops of the Nemunas - Punia, Balbieriškis, Prienai and Birštonas - the structure of the Nemunas, Verknė, natural stream valleys with unique ravines, dunes, ridges, outcrops, the unique larch forest of Degsnė; Punia mound with the remains of an ancient settlement and Pelekoniai - Dambava mound complexes, Birštonas resort and Nemajūnai urban complexes, Narava and Siponiai village landscape complexes and other cultural heritage values.


Kurtuvėnai Manor Equestrian Center

Žvejų g. 2, Kurtuvėnai, LT-80223 Šiaulių r., 55.82543, 23.05157

Kurtuvėnai Manor Equestrian Center is surrounded by awe-inspiring nature that is both serene and teeming with life. The Equestrian Center is a home to over 40 horses and steeds and offers group and individual horse-riding lessons. Visitors can try their luck at horse riding or take an authentic chariot, wagonette or cart pulled by two horses for a ride along the routes of the regional park.


Birštonas Wake Park

Karalienės Barboros al., Birštonas, 54.609795, 24.017004

Extreme water recreation at the Regional Nemunas River Park. Pricing: I–IV until 4 PM 20 min. 10 Eur, 60 min. 25 Eur after 4 PM 20 min. 13 Eur, 60 min. 35 Eur V–VII 20 min. 15 Eur, 60 min. 40 Eur  

Nature & Wildlife

Pašiliai Auroch Paddock

Girelės k., Panevėžio r., 55.558092, 24.217780

Pašiliai Auroch Paddock is one of the most impressive and visited sites in Panevėžys woods. Pašiliai Auroch Paddock is a home to the European bisons that are enlisted in both the Lithuanian and international Red List of Threatened Species. Presently, the paddock houses 15 aurochs and another 50 aurochs roam freely at the range of about 30-40 km around the paddock. Throughout the 35 years of its existence, Pašiliai Auroch Paddock saw the birth of 140 baby aurochs in the paddock and 80 baby aurochs in the wild.


Nemunas Meandering Path

Vytauto Jurgio Meškos parkas, Birštonas, 54.609175, 24.029519

The Nemunas meandering path - a path that replicates the famous Nemunas loops, surrounded by the beautiful beauty of nature. This trail runs through the entire Birštonas Central Resort Park. The length of the trail is 2 km.


Cruises by Algirdas Ship

Algirdo g., LT-59204 Birštonas, 54.612036, 24.033242

The Algirdas runs regularly on Saturdays and Sundays at 13:00, 15:30 and 19:30.

Nature & Wildlife

Paežeriai Manor

Dvaro g. 6, Paežeriai, Vilkaviškio r., 54.639485, 22.979061

Paežeriai Manor is famous for its classical music nights, educational programs, Sūduviai Craft Festival, Paežeriai Manor Festival, Viva La Musica Festival of ancient manor music and other events. Visitors can enjoy the newly constructed pedestrian walkways in the park and visit the old manor oak looked after the manor specialists. Paežeriai Manor changes its exhibitions regularly and upkeeps the 18th century surroundings for the enjoyment of its guests. Other manor buildings have museum exhibitions on the widely known past of Vilkaviškis Region.


Tours by Electric Car

Pušyno g. 75, LT-59203 Birštonas, 54.612628, 24.025670

A new service in Birštonas – an electric car. Regular tours with an audio guide: II - VII 11:00 - 20:00 Duration: 45 minutes  Price per person: EUR 5 This electrically-powered eco-friendly vehicle with 14 seats has an audio guide system installed, which acquaints tourists with the history of Birštonas. It also has a monitor enabling tourists to watch a variety of video records created in Birštonas.  The electric car has the curtain that protects tourists in nasty weather which is a frequent phenomenon in summer. Our goal is to reduce the seasonality factor and offer the vehicle in winter as well, with hot tea served during...



Druskininkai, 54.004727, 23.984234

Druskininkai is a resort city in the southern Lithuania. It is the oldest (dating back to 1794) and the largest balneology, curative mud and climate resort in Lithuania that is open all year round. Druskininkai Old Town is an urbanistic monument. The town has spas, water parks, hotels, restaurants, several parks and lots of leisure activities to enjoy.

Nature & Wildlife

Treetop Walking Path

Dvaronių k. 5, 29168 Anykščių r. sav., 55.485561, 25.060564

This is the first path of such a kind in the Baltic States. The Treetop Walking path winds along the tree crowns for about 300 meters and rises up to the height of 21 meter. You can admire breathtaking views as you walk among the tree tops. If you are bold and brave, you can climb the 35-meter-high tower to take a look at Anykščiai Forest, the loops of the Šventoji and the surrounding planes.

History & Culture

Biržai Castle

J.Radvilos g. 3, LT-41175, Biržai, 56.204944, 24.753433

Biržai Castle is located in Biržai, on the southern shore of Lake Širvėna. The castle is a bastion and is known as the best preserved bastion in northeastern Europe and the only such fort in Lithuania. Biržai Castle is a renaissance bastion castle and a historic and architectural monument.

History & Culture

Metal Fantasy

Žirgėnų k., 54.427775, 22.751379

Visit out Metal Fantasy Museum to admire unique exhibits from pieces of metal that were intended for destruction. The museum has over 800 exhibits representing the flora, fauna and modern improvisations. The Metal Fantasy Museum is an integral part of Pušelė Campsite under the open sky that is reborn at night in myriad of colors. Spending the night at our campsite is one of the rare chances to spend the night at the museum in Lithuania! See you soon!

Nature & Wildlife

Vilnius University Botanical Garden

Kairėnų g. 43, LT-10239 Vilnius, 54.735645, 25.401314

Vilnius University Botanical Garden was established in 1781. The Botanical Garden has two land lots, one in Vingis and one in Kairėnai. With a total area of 199 ha, this Botanical Garden is the largest in Lithuania and has the widest collection of plants, including around 10,000 different varieties (around 190 families and 886 genera).

History & Culture

Vilnius Calvary Way of the Cross

Pušyno kelias, Vilnius, 54.729604, 25.284961

The Way of the Cross recreates the entire story of the Arrest of Jesus and the Sorrowful Way. The goal of this way of the cross was to recreate the topography of Jerusalem of the times of Jesus as close to the real one as possible and the orientation with respect to the cardinal points. The Way of the Cross is located in a beautiful spot of nature: steep slopes and deep ravines wind throughout the forest of the Neris and Cedronas valleys. The total length of the Way of the Cross, the distances between the stations in footsteps and even feet correspond to the respective distances in the Holy Land.

History & Culture

Samogitian Art Museum

Parko g. 1, 90113 Plungė, 55.920732, 21.844705

The Samogitian Art Museum has been opened at Michał Ogiński Manor since 1994. The museum collects and displays various valuables that reflect the Samogitian cultural and historical variety. The museum also works hard to nurture and preserve the traditions of Michał Ogiński Manor. The exhibits introduce pieces of professional art of the 20th-21st century gifted to the museum by Samogitian artists living in Lithuania and abroad.

Activities /History & Culture

City tour

Parodų g.6A, Vilnius, 54.673978, 25.228040

We are a small yet a sincere and ambitious tour operator company, operating in Lithuania. We love our country and its capital, and we want YOU to fall in love with it, too. We organise group tours on open and enclosed buses and minibuses as well as private car and walking tours. Our buses have a modern audio guide system installed, the audio guide is available in 12 languages.

Nature & Wildlife /History & Culture

Dubrava Cognitive Trail

Dubravai, 54.848500, 24.076355

The cognitive trail is 1.9 km long and winds through the most interesting parts of Dubrava Reserve. The path has 8 information boards that introduce the visitors to the local flora and fauna. Dubrava Cognitive Trail takes tourists through a 150-year-old forest, where thick sky-high pines groan and squeak from the lightest of winds.

Nature & Wildlife

I Smiltynė beach

93100 Klaipėda, 55.683582, 21.117291

Smiltyne is a great place for those who want to enjoy the fresh Baltic Sea and gentle sand dunes just a few minutes from Klaipeda’s Old Town. Just take the ferry to the Curonian Spit.From the Old Smiltyne ferry to 1st Smiltyne beach you can walk or cycle. The trails run through the fragrant pine forests of the Curonian Spit. There are special parking spaces for bicycles. Smiltyne beach in 2020 is marked with a globally recognizable and recognized quality mark – the “Blue Flag”. There are a total of five such beaches on the Lithuanian coast this year. Smiltyne beach is wide and clean, it has beach volleyball, tennis, football fields, ch...

Nature & Wildlife

Klaipėda pier

Vėtros g. 9, Klaipėda, 55.730679, 21.087583

Klaipėda pier is the gate of Klaipėda port, consisting of the southern and northern breakwaters that protect the port against waves, ice-drift and silt. It is not solely a functional structure of the port but also a place well-liked by the residents and visitors to the city. The site of the northern breakwater is an area where the residents and guests of the city enjoy taking walks by the sea, as well as watching sunsets and the arriving and departing ships. The area attracts both lovers of quiet walks and active leisure activities, with training sessions or day camps of water sports – surfing, paddle boarding, kitesurfing and sea kayaking – tak...

History & Culture

Joniškis Basketball Museum

Livonijos g. 3, Joniškis, 56.242472, 23.615954

In 2009, the only such Basketball Museum in Lithuania was opened in Joniškis. The museum has many exhibits, such as photographs of Lithuanian basketball stars, drawings telling the history of Lithuanian basketball and the roots of basketball in the world.

Nature & Wildlife /History & Culture

Kernavė Archeological Site

Kernavė, 54.882846, 24.851726

Kernavė is the Troy of Lithuania. The picturesque shores of the Neris and the amphitheater of Pajauta Valley are spotted with hillforts, where ancient settlements and burial sites can be found. The small territory of 194 ha in area has cultural valuables, an abundancy of archeological findings and a landscape that has taken years to develop. All of this tells us about the cultures that were prominent here 11 thousand years ago, i.e. from the late Paleolithic period (9 thousand years BC) to these days.

Activities /Special Interests

Utena Beer Brewing Educational Center

Pramonės g. 12, Utena, 55.497087, 25.643001

A tour in a beer brewery is an excellent way to learn about the raw materials used in beer brewing, to visit the beer boiling, fermentation and bottling shops and to witness the birth of UTENOS beer with own eyes.

History & Culture

Thomas Mann Memorial Museum

Skruzdynės g. 17, 93123 Neringa, 55.313534, 21.013348

In the summer of 1929, Thomas Mann and his wife visited Nida for the first time. The novelist said they were “enraptured by the untold beauty and uniqueness of the local nature and the fantastic world of moving sand dunes” and thus quickly made the decision to have “a permanent home” here. The house of Thomas Mann was reconstructed to reflect the authentic one in 1995/1996 based on the remaining technical drawings of Architect H. Reissmann and the memories of Elisabeth Mann, the daughter of Thomas Mann.

Nature & Wildlife /History & Culture

Kirkilai Observation Tower

Ežerėlių g., Kirkilai, Biržų r., 56.248513, 24.690816

Kirkilai Observation Tower is shaped like a canoe or a sinking boat and stands near Kirkilai karst lakes in Biržai Regional Park. The tower is almost 32 meters high. The observation deck is 30-meter-high and has the area of approx. 30 square meters. The first floor has an amphitheater of 27.75 square meters in area for various meetings, small events or resting. The purpose of the observation tower is to create the surroundings for visitors to learn about the main points of interest in Biržai Regional Park, such as the invaluable karst sinkhole relief in Kirkilai Nature Reserve.


Dino Park

Logistikos g. 4, Sausių kaimas, Trakų raj., 54.702053, 25.004874

Dino Entertainment Park offers family leisure and entertainment. The park has a number of moving and sound-making dinosaurs and other entertainment for children, such as Zorb balls, inflatable outdoor and indoor trampolines, carousel, a train, a shooting range and a paintball hall, a spring-based trampoline, archery range and swings.

Activities /Special Interests

Climbing Tower "Smagu lipti"

Karalienės Barboros al. 1, Birštonas, 54.610443, 24.018959

The activity that does not have an analogy in Lithuania - 12 meter high climbing tower! Not only 7 climbers can have fun at the same time but also we can offer you 30 different complexity routes. "Smagu lipti" - unique activity for your summer vacation!

History & Culture

Hill of Crosses

Jurgaičiai 81439, Lietuva, 56.015002, 23.416206

A small oblong mountain with a hollow on top of it stands about 12 km to the north from Šiauliai, not too far from Šiauliai-Riga railway line. This is the famous Hill of Crosses. It has myriads of crosses placed all throughout its surface and is a symbol of respect and loyalty to the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, through which Jesus Christ saved the people of all times and generations. The Hill of Crosses is a reminder of the sufferings and death of our Savior and His resurrection and worship as well as the elevation of every man though the Mystery of the Cross. Those who travel to the Hill of Crosses to pray and to place their crosses signify the strength ...


Wake Up Kaunas

Raudondvario pl. 161A , Kaunas, 54.915888, 23.830999

Wake Up Kaunas is a wakeboarding park in Kaunas with one of the longest routes in Europe reaching up to 287 meters. WAKE LINE 3 is a two-tower automatic system of 12 meters in height. Wake Up Kaunas wakeboarding park is located in Lake Lampėdis within the territory of Kaunas Camp Inn Campsite.


Snow Arena

Nemuno kelias 2, Mizarai, Druskininkų sav., 54.032221, 23.961664

This is the only winter entertainment center open all year round in the Baltic States. The center has an area of 8 ha and three skiing routes designed for mountain skiing and snowboarding.


Birštonas Resort

Birštonas Resort, 54.606550, 24.034788

Birštonas - a cozy resort in the Southern Lithuania (Kaunas County). The resort is famous for it's balneologic-curative mud, it's own natural mineral water springs and location in the very heart of Nemunas Loops Regional Park. Many claims that the place is now known as an oasis of refreshment and relaxation. Some of the tourists are attracted to the wellbeing and SPA procedures from natural sources which always can turn out to your greatest restarts. Other chooses Birštonas Resort for it's unique nature surounded Nemunas river loop, fresh air and refreshing atmosphere. Birštonas Resort your choice for the m...

History & Culture

Anykščiai Church

Vilniaus g. 8, Anykščiai 29147, 55.524752, 25.101907

The first church was constructed in the second half of the 15th century. In 1500, Anykščiai Parish Priest had a dispute with the manor manager regarding a dessiatin (a land measurement unit of that time) of the Kavarskis Manor. In 1507, the land lot of the parish priest was determined. In the middle of the 16th century, Anykščiai Church was one of the richest churches in Vilnius Diocese. The parish managed over a hundred homesteads. The church burned down in the fire of 1566 and was later rebuilt. The church burned down once again in 1671 to be rebuilt by 1677. In 1673, in addition to the town, Anykščiai Parish also managed Elmininkai Folwark, Kalveliai, ...

Nature & Wildlife

Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve

Kampelių g. 10, Aleknonys, Alytaus r., 54.457088, 23.640358

Come to Žuvintas to take a closer look to the world of nature untouched by man. Spring is the time of birds who come back here to hatch heir chicks while the summers witness the water birds raising their younglings. In autumn, cranes flock to Žuvintas before their migration. Even in winter time, visitors can see birds and traces of wildlife in Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve.

Nature & Wildlife

Juniper Valley

Kadagynės g., Arlaviškių k., Taurakiemio sen., 54.814248, 24.179943

Juniper Valley is a natural slope of Kaunas Lagoon that is grown over in junipers. The valley is 5 ha in area. The Juniper Valley is a part of Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park and a natural monument of national significance. A pedestrian walkway stretches for 1.3 km along the edge of the slope in the upper part of the Juniper Valley. The trail was built in 2010. It offers beautiful vistas of the Neman, Dabinta Island and a breath-taking outcrop. In 2016, the Juniper Valley Trail was recognized to be the most beautiful trail in Lithuania. For more information, please visit our website at

Activities /Special Interests

Toboggan run "Fun Hill"

N. Silvanavičiaus g. 4, LT-59209 Birštonas, 54.599117, 24.031550

The longest and most extreme summer toboggan run "Pramogų kalnas", which is 600 meters long. Price per person: adult - 5 EUR, children - 3 EUR. Working hours: I - V 11:00 - 20:00 VI 11:00 - 20:00 VII 11:00 - 20:00

History & Culture

Ventė Cape Ornithological Station

Marių g. 24, Ventė, Šilutės r., 55.341596, 21.191299

Ventė Cape Ornithological Station with a territory of 5 ha has been included into the List of State-Protected Areas. The great bird migration route passes through Ventė Cape. Sometimes, as many as 100–200 thousands of birds a day fly through here. Ventė Cape Ornithological Station has branded approx. 1.4 million of birds, among which were more than 200 species.

History & Culture

Telšiai City

Telšiai, 55.986368, 22.250514

Telšiai is the capital of Samogitia and the cultural and educational center of the county and diocese. The city was built on seven hills and is located near the beautiful Lake Mastis. Telšiai is proud of its Old Town and the great number of places of interest and unique sites.

History & Culture

Vaclovas Intas Museum of Rare Stones

Salantų g. 2, Mosėdis, 56.165223, 21.574219

The National Vaclovas Intas Museum of Rare Stones and Park is a unique museum established in Mosėdis Town, Skuodas District, in a picturesque valley of 14.5 ha in area on both shores of the Bartuva River. The museum has a huge collection of rocks that were brought to Mosėdis and other places in Lithuania during the ice age, other Lithuanian archeological findings and minerals (both precious and semi-precious stones).

History & Culture

Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights

Aukų g. 2A, Vilnius, 54.687997, 25.270305

The Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights was established in 1992. It is the only museum of such kind in the Baltic States and is housed in the same building where the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) and People's Commissariat for State Security (NKGB/ MGB/ KGB) operated from the second half of 1940 to August 1991. The remand prison used to imprison and hold Lithuanian residents who had different ideas from the occupant government from autumn of 1940 to 1987 remained intact in the basement of the building. The visitors of the museum can view the exhibition located in the former death row facility.

History & Culture

Pažaislis Monastery

T. Masiulio g. 31, Kaunas, 54.876519, 24.022920

Pažaislis Monastery consists of the Church of Our Lady of the Visitation and the Camaldolese Monastery which is considered to be one of the most beautiful examples of mature Baroque in the northern and eastern Europe. This monastery complex is a state-protected cultural monument and an operating monastery looked after and maintained by its residents, the Lithuanian Sisters of St. Casimir Congregation.

Nature & Wildlife

Europa Park

Europos Parko g. 302, Joneikiškės, Vilniaus r., 54.830749, 25.351648

Europa Park is one of the most impressive open-air modern art museums, where art and nature are closely intertwined. The museum has over a hundred sculptures by various artists from all over the world, including works of such highly recognized artists as Dennis Oppenheim, Magdalena Abakanowicz and Sol LeWitt.


Observation Tower

Pamario g. 12, Drevernos k., LT-96240, Klaipėdos r., 55.516145, 21.233619

A new observation tower was opened for visitors in Dreverna Village, Klaipėda District on May 29, 2015. Standing tall at 15 meters high, this novel metal structure observation tower is located on the right shore of the Curonian Lagoon and is the highest of all nearby towers and the only tower to have one-legged metal chairs on its top. The observation deck has information stands with detailed information about the objects and sites that can be see with the naked eye. The tower provides views of the National Curonian Lagoon Park, the dunes and the lagoon itself. Dreverna with its nationally protected areas surround the tower from all sides. If lucky, visitors of...

History & Culture

Bicycle Museum

Vilniaus g. 139, Šiauliai, 55.928403, 23.319754

The Bicycle Museum was opened in 2004. The exhibition presents the history and development of a bicycle from its invention days to present times. The bike is introduced as one of the oldest and most favored means of transport and a popular sport all over of the world.

Special Interests

Bunny Valley

Girios g. 2, Antalamėstė, Utenos r., 55.364448, 25.823379

The Bunny Valley occupies a fenced territory of about 3 ha and is proud to present over 50 different species of rabbits and bunny rabbits. The Bunny Valley also has red deer, pygmy goats (Cameroon goats), sheep, alpacas and various birds, such as ostriches, pheasants, turkeys, decorative chickens, geese, ducks, quails and other residents of the valley.


Birštonas Beach

Kunigaikštienės Elenos g. 4, Birštonas 59200, 54.611632, 24.012631

Birštonas Beach - the best place for your water recreation. The beach has changing cabins, short footbridge. Right next to the beach you will find sunbeds for your reading and relaxation time. The beach is kids friendly.

Special Interests

"4x4 Parkas" Radio Wave Car Park

Nemuno g. 12, Birštonas, 54.603858, 24.036385

This is the first park of its kind in Lithuania, where both adults and children, from the age of 10, can try their hand at off-road "Crawler" vehicles controlled by radio waves. Individual lessons are available for children.  

Nature & Wildlife

Giruliai beach

Stovyklos g. 35, 92281 Klaipėda, 55.764983, 21.081041

Giruliai is located in the north of Klaipėda city – a small settlement surrounded by green forests and washed by the Baltic Sea. Due to the extremely beautiful and rich nature, a botanical-zoological reserve has been established here. The history of Giruliai as a recreation area is interesting and old. Two hundred years ago, there were sand dunes, which were planted with pine trees. Shortly afterward, the Prussian authorities gave local merchants the right to install bathing areas in Giruliai, and residents were allowed to rent summer houses. Now Giruliai beach is one of the favorite beaches of Klaipeda city, which is mostly chosen by families on vacat...

History & Culture

Vilnius Historical Center

Pilies g., Vilnius, 54.678702, 25.287382

The old architecture of Vilnius and the variety of its styles are a great example of the development of this Middle European city. Vilnius has a mix of European gothic, renaissance and Baroque styles and is the farthest such city to the east. Vilnius Old Town was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. The following was named as one of the criteria for enlisting Vilnius Old Town as a UNESCO heritage site: “Vilnius is a great example of a medieval city that has had a large influence on the Eastern European architectural and cultural development for several centuries”.

Nature & Wildlife

Zarasai Region

Zarasų rajonas, 55.731467, 26.245276

Zarasai District has more than three hundred lakes and has been awarded the title of the first cultural capital of Lithuania as well as the status of a resort territory. Zarasai is the region that has the most lakes in the entire Lithuania and is duly proud of Lake Drūkšiai and Lake Luodis which are some of the largest lakes in the country and Lake Sartai which has the longest shoreline out of all the lakes.


Bicycles in Birštonas

Pušyno g. 75, LT-59203 Birštonas, 54.612628, 24.025670

Rental of bicycles and electric scooters. Tours around Birštonas with bicycles.

Nature & Wildlife /Activities

Klaipėda City Recreation Park

H. Manto g. 77, Klaipėda, 55.724730, 21.122863

Klaipėda City Recreation Park is a sports, entertainment and recreation venue for city residents and guests. The newly renovated park has 18 active leisure areas. Here you can play football, basketball, tennis, mini golf and volleyball. A separate dog walking area is available for animal lovers. The smallest residents and guests of the Klaipėda city are not forgotten either: they can have fun in the playgrounds built specially for them.

History & Culture

Memel-Nord Defensive Fortifications

Kukuliškiai, Klaipėdos r., 55.777844, 21.074116

The coastal artillery battery is the defensive fortification of the Second World War that was built on the coast of the Baltic Sea after Klaipėda Region was annexed to Germany. Two coastal artillery batteries were supposed to be built but only the Memel Nord battery in Kukuliškiai was completed.

Food & Drink

Natur Camp Bar

Karalienės Barboros al. 1, LT-59202 Birštonas, 54.610343, 24.018774

NaturCamp Bar-Winery is waiting for you the whole summer season. The Winery is located right in the same teritory as NaturCamp Birštonas. You can reserve your spot for campervan, camp house, tent or even glamping tent here! Whenver staying with us, you will be able to have a breakfast surounded by nature. Or maybe a cup of coffee while listening to birds?

History & Culture

Raudondvaris Manor

Pilies takas 1, Raudondvaris, 54.943104, 23.783045

Raudondvaris Mano stands in the upper terrace of the right shore of the Nevėžis, near the confluence of the Nevėžis and the Neman. The main building of Raudondvaris Ensemble is the manor house with a tower dating back to the second half of the 17th century. The manor ensemble is comprised of the manor house, the park of 3.8 ha in territory, two servants’ quarters, the greenhouse, the stables and the ice cream parlor. Raudondvaris Manor Park holds traditional events, such as the National Day Festival, the farmer’s festival called Autumn Assembly, the Kaunas District Christmas Tree Lighting Festival and Land Art, the international land art festival.


Passenger Ferry "Birštonas"

Birutės g. 33, Birštonas 59217, 54.600450, 24.035934

Schedule: Route "Birštonas - Turistų st." Mon- Sun 7:30, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 17:30, 19:00, 20:30. VI – VII 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 17:30, 18:30, 19:30, 20:30. Route „Turistų st. - Birstonas Mon - Sun 7:40, 13:10, 14:10, 15:10, 17:40, 19:10, 20:40. VI – VII 10:10, 11:10, 12:10, 13:10, 17:40, 18:40, 19:40, 20:40. Pricing: transfer to the other shore by ferry 1 time / 1 Eur; recreational swimming for groups 50 Eur / 1 hour. Up to 12 people can swim at a time, there are 5 places for bicycles. Swimming time: 10 min.

History & Culture

Spit Cake Museum

Vienkiemių g. 5, Jaskonys, Druskininkų sav., 53.988255, 24.045746

The Spit Cake Museum was opened in 2015. The museum has a large collection of ancient cutlery and silverware dating back to a hundred of years ago that were used to make spit cakes. The exhibition also presents ancient and modern spit cake roasting spits and other interesting exhibits.


Train "TūTū"

Algirdo g. / Kęstučio g., LT-59204 Birštonas, 54.608636, 24.032867

Fun rides for children and adults by train TūTū, surrounded by beautiful nature - in Vytautas Jurgis Bear Park. The team of the train TūTū is a family, so we fully understand how important moments of your family that you spend together are. We will take care of you and your little ones with smiles and happy moments. We didn’t forget about adult restlessness either. We invite you to prank and have fun, even with the whole company! The train TūTū can also become a part of your individual moments (private events, celebrations). TūTū - let's travel, have fun, get naughty, have fun, laugh ... together! You ...

History & Culture

The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

Katedros a. 4, Vilnius, 54.686224, 25.288977

The National Museum of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania has several permanent exhibitions reflecting the functions of the historical residency of the Grand Dukes. The exhibitions tell the historic and architectural development of the Palace, display the restored historic representative interior of the Palace, the Treasury and the Depository of the Grand Dukes.

Nature & Wildlife

Samogitian National Park

Plateliai, 56.042344, 21.815720

The Samogitian National Park was established in 1991 in the northwestern Lithuania for the purpose of preserving, managing and using the most valuable natural and cultural sites of Samogitia. Visitors can enjoy fishing or take long walks along the educational trails. Lake Plateliai is perfect for sailing. Meanwhile, biking enthusiasts can choose from three different routes, one of which takes around Lake Plateliai.

History & Culture

Palanga Amber Museum

Vytauto g. 17, Palanga, 55.906866, 21.056054

Palanga Amber Museum has been opened in the Palanga Palace of Count Tyszkiewicz since the end of the 19th century. The Palace is surrounded by a large and beautifully looked after Palanga Botanical Garden. The museum has a collection of over 29 thousand amber exhibits, around 4.5 thousand of which are displayed in the museum. The exhibition is updated every year and supplemented with unique archeological findings, amber inclusions and other valuable exhibits.

History & Culture

Devil Museum

V. Putvinskio g. 64, Kaunas, 54.900918, 23.910610

The Devil Museum is the only such museum in the world and offers over 3 thousand exhibits of all kinds of devils, ranging from visual to applied art pieces, souvenirs and masks from Lithuania and as many as 70 foreign countries. Thousands of tourists who are curious to see the mysterious mythological creature of a devil visit this museum. The museum also has a beautiful tradition, where any visitor can gift a devil of their own to the museum.

Special Interests

Nuclear Bunker

Raudondvario pl. 164A, Kaunas, 54.913910, 23.841926

This fallout shelter has a unique collection of monitoring and tracking equipment used by the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, abbreviated NKVD, Security Agency (KGB) and special police forces. The KGB Bunker has a display of secret break-in and search equipment, KGB phones and covert listening and coding devices. The museum also has a large collection of portable secret radio devices, radio transmitters and receivers, communication blockers, position finders, remote listening and spying devices, covert listening devices (bugs or wires) and their detection equipment.

History & Culture

Baltosios rožės pėsčiųjų ir dviračių tiltas

Alytus, LT-62126, 54.393128, 24.081370

Aukščiausias Lietuvoje pėsčiųjų ir dviračių tiltas pastatytas 2015 m. ant išlikusių buvusio geležinkelio tilto taurų, įrašytas į Lietuvos rekordų knygą. Jo aukštis – 38,1 m, ilgis – 260 m. 

History & Culture

Rokiškis Manor

Tyzenhauzų al. 5, LT-42115, Rokiškis, 55.965530, 25.600795

Rokiškis Manor Ensemble is comprised of 16 buildings and a park of 28.1 ha in area with ponds. Rokiškis Manor was completed in 1801. Since 1952, Rokiškis Local History Museum has been established in the manor, offering over 100 thousand of exhibits. The museum has exhibitions of manor culture, Rokiškis local history, unique wooden artwork pieces by L. Šepka and Nativity scenes.

Nature & Wildlife

Danė square

Danės g., Klaipėda, 55.711252, 21.134482

In heart of the city Klaipėda, next to Danė river renovated square awaits visitors. Square attracts locals for a stroll or has a social coffee break. Square is adjusted for various groups of age and intersts. In the center of the park, there is an oasis for rest and recreation, and at the end of the square – active zone. Square offers not only rest, and an active zone, but it has educational purposes as well – here is Klaipėda City’s most important events timeline. The Eastern part of the square is filled with youth – there is special BMX, skate, and scooter parks, obstacle course. The middle of the square withholds a colorful danci...