Kirkilai Observation Tower

Ežerėlių g., Kirkilai, Biržų r. Navigate 56.248513, 24.690816

Type: Nature & Wildlife /History & Culture


Kirkilai Observation Tower is shaped like a canoe or a sinking boat and stands near Kirkilai karst lakes in Biržai Regional Park. The tower is almost 32 meters high. The observation deck is 30-meter-high and has the area of approx. 30 square meters. The first floor has an amphitheater of 27.75 square meters in area for various meetings, small events or resting. The purpose of the observation tower is to create the surroundings for visitors to learn about the main points of interest in Biržai Regional Park, such as the invaluable karst sinkhole relief in Kirkilai Nature Reserve.