List of campsites

3. Vitrūna, Area (ha): 2, Location: In the village

Seirijų g. 50, Metelių k., LT-67482 Lazdijų r., 54.303518, 23.716907

Vitrūna Campsite is located on the shore of the scenic Dusia Lake, in Meteliai Regional Park. Cool waters of the lake, peaceful nature and more await you at Vitrūna Campsite. Dusia is known to be one of the largest and cleanest lakes in Lithuania. Crystal clear water and shallow shores are ideal for families with young children. You can rent paddle boats and regular boats, and if you go fishing early in the morning, you will surely return with a great catch. Dusia is one of the several lakes in Lithuania to have vendace. If you are not into fishing or swimming, you may simply spend your time sunbathing or walking along the shallow shores of Dusia under the ...

4. Kaunas Lake, Area (ha): 3, Location: In the village

Raudondvario pl. 161 A, Kaunas, 54.915717, 23.833618

Kaunas Lake is a campsite surrounded by beautiful nature and located near the scenic Lampėdis Lake. Kaunas Lake is most suitable for travelers who enjoy active leisure. Discover our beach volleyball, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, try you luck in wakeboarding and rent kayaks, canoes, small boats and paddle boats for a swim in Lampėdis Lake.

5. Vilnius City, Area (ha): 1, Location: In the city

Laisvės pr. 5, Vilnius LT 04215, 54.674444, 25.227935

Vilnius City Campsite will be located near the Litexpo Exhibition Center in Vilnius City in the summer. Our Campsite is proud of its soothing surroundings, nature, clean and tidy environment and security. Vilnius City Campsite offers bus tours, free wi-fi, a library, tourist information, computers with Internet access and bike rent. Campers can reach the center of the capital city of Vilnius by public transport, bike, taxi or a bus coursing to and from the Campsite. Everything one might need for a trip and good rest is nearby: a restaurant for having lunch, a shopping mall, ATM, gas station, car wash, a cardrome and a beach on the shores of the Neris. Vilnius...

6. Pušelė, Area (ha): 5,2, Location: In the village

Žirgėnų k., Vilkaviškio rajonas, 54.427875, 22.750341

Little Pine Campsite is the perfect getaway spot among pines, where you can take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the city and loud music. The clear waters of Vištytis Lake will refresh on a hot summer’s day and amaze fishermen with a great catch. The Metal Fantasy exhibition at the campsite has never failed to astonish visitors with its original pieces of art. You can rest easy that you will find something to catch your interest here. Campers are welcome with their tents or campervans. The Campsite also offers the possibility to stay in comfortable cottages with all the amenities.

7. Nidos, Area (ha): 1,8, Location: In the city

E. A. Jonušo g. 11, LT-93127 Neringa, 55.298797, 20.982532

Nida Campsite is located in Nida, the administrative center of Neringa, between the Dune of Parnidis and the Baltic Sea, next to the old gliding school and the stone-age settlement of Five Hills. You can easily reach the snow-white beaches just a few hundred meters away, the sundial and the center of the town. Nida Campsite is ideal for whose who long for a warm-hearted welcome.

8. Ventainė, Area (ha): 3, Location: In the village

Marių g. 7, Ventės k., Šilutės r.s., 55.355620, 21.204752

Welcome to a romantic campsite in Ventė Cape, located on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon, in the Nemunas Delta Regional Park. We offer a hotel, guest houses, conference halls, a restaurant, Roman sauna complex, Lithuanian sauna, pool tables, basketball and tennis courts and a dock with boats and motor boats. You can take a ferry to Nida.

9. Harmony Park, Area (ha): ~200, Location: In the village

Saulės vaikų g. 18, Vazgaikiemis, LT-59257, Prienų r., 54.583821, 23.871018

Harmony Park is located in Vazgaikiemis, Prienai District. Witness the true sublimity of nature every single day of your stay here: woods that date back to hundreds of years, a young oak forest planted by families, the songs of birds in the mornings, fresh air and soul inspiring peace. Our visitors can choose from a 5-star hotel or 9 contemporary villas that can accommodate large families or groups of friends and colleagues. Our huge complex offers a variety of leisure activities, such as horse riding, racecourse, swimming in ponds, old woods and young oak forest, SPA and water pool complex, restaurant, active leisure, sports courts, biking and Nordic walking...

10. "Atostogų parko" kempingas, Area (ha): 0, Location: In the village

Mėguvos g. 30, Žibininkų km. , LT-97231, Kretingos raj., 55.960586, 21.131917

„Atostogų parkas“ – tai didžiausias poilsio ir sveikatinimo kompleksas Vakarų Lietuvoje, kuriame vasaros sezono metu veikia 16 baseinų ir 7 pirtys. Kompleksas įsikūręs Palangos pakraštyje, Žibininkuose. Tai – strategiškai puikioje vietoje esantis gamtos prieglobstis, nuo Baltijos jūros ir Palangos kurorto nutolęs 6 km, nuo uostamiesčio Klaipėdos – 30 km. Komplekse kviečiama mėgautis vandens pramogomis, unikaliomis pirčių programomis, SPA ir sveikatinimo procedūromis, galima apsistoti viešbutyje ar miško apsuptyje esančiose rąstinėse vilose. 
2023 m. čia įkurtas naujas,...

11. Mindūnai, Area (ha): 5, Location: In the village

Muziejaus g. 14, Mindūnai, LT-33202 Molėtų r., 55.220272, 25.559793

Mindūnai Campsite is located in a scenic pine forest, Labanoras Regional Park, 10 km away from Molėtai. The Campsite has a sandy beach of the White Lakajai Lake with wooden piers for swimmers and picturesque water tourism routes along the lake. Mindūnai Campsite has ideal conditions for relaxation, entertainment, water sports and fishing. The pitches have hook-ups to electricity, wastewater and water supply networks. If you bring your own boats, you are welcome to use our special ramps for unloading boats into the lake. The rest areas near the lake have outdoor furniture and fireplaces with spots for tents and cars. The management building has shared use s...

12. Alytaus Kempingas, Area (ha): 1,5, Location: In the city

Ulonų g. 67A, LT-62126, Alytus, Lietuva, 54.380733, 24.062356

Alytus Camping is a camping site established in 2024, located in a picturesque pine forest and adjacent to a great bicycle path leading to the White Rose Bridge.

14. Natur Camp Birštonas, Area (ha): 4, Location: In the village

Karalienės Barboros al. 1, LT 59202 Birštonas, 54.610876, 24.018312

Natur Camp Birštonas Campsite marvels its guests with pleasant surprises and new offers each year. The Campsite has all the needed infrastructure to have a true vacation. Be mesmerized by its peaceful surroundings and nature. Set up in a tent or a cottage in a pine forest located in Birštonas resort town near the Neman River, Birštonas lakes and beaches and Žvėrinčius Forest. You can reach the center of Birštonas on foot, by bike or an eco-friendly electric bus. The hiking and biking trials wind across Birštonas Park, recuperations hospitals, the higher observation tower in Lithuania that offers breathtaking views of the ...

16. Downtown Forest Hostel & Camping, Area (ha): 0.2, Location: In the city

Paupio g. 31a, LT-11341, Vilnius, 54.677882, 25.302181

Downtown Forest is a guesthouse and campsite, located in Užupis, an artistic part of the Old Town of Vilnius. The main places of interest can be easily reached by foot: the City Hall is 10 minutes away, the Cathedral is 15 minutes away and the bus and train station is 20 minutes away. The campsite is surrounded by beautiful lush nature: the newly opened Bernardine Garden (7 minutes by foot) and the Vilnelė River and its ponds (3 minutes by foot). Of course, you can reach the famous Užupis Republic in but a few minutes as well. The campsite has taken the name of the Forest because its main building is surrounded by a garden and its majestic trees. Here, you...

17. Kurtuvėnai, Area (ha): 1,2, Location: In the village

Parko g. 1A, Kurtuvėnų mstl., LT-80223 Šiaulių r., 55.826812, 23.046569

Kurtuvėnai Campsite is located in a scenic territory of Kurtuvėnai Regional Park. This is an excellent spot for some rest and entertainment. We offer professional guided tours, hiking in nature, biking and horse riding, educational programs held by a local nature school, equestrian tourism, equestrian school and fishing. Our management is located in a renovated gardener’s house. We offer all the required amenities for cooking (fridges, stoves with ovens, dishwasher, silverware and other utensils, comfortable tables and a microwave). Shared WCs, sinks and showers are convenient and spacious. We have a separate restroom and a shower for people with disabilitie...

19. Pajūrio kempingas, Area (ha): 2,8, Location: In the city

Šlaito g. 3, Klaipėda (Giruliai), LT-92281, 55.766276, 21.092074

Klaipėda is the only seaport of Lithuania and its third largest city. Seaside Campsite is a modern, yet cozy four-star campsite located among lush nature that has been recently welcoming tourists on the coast of the Baltic Sea. This contemporary campsite offers snug and cozy beautifully furnished cottages with all amenities. Campers can also choose to stay in tents or trailer houses. To ensure the highest level of comfort, all pitches and RV parking sites have the possibility to hook up to the utilities. In addition to accommodation, the campsite is known for being a unique site for having some sauna fun, commemorating important dates or simply spending some...

20. Žemsodis, Area (ha): 6, Location: In the village

Adresas: Mardosų kaimas, Plungės rajonas GPS koordinatės: N 55º 52′ 25.8″ E 21º 44′ 55.2″, 55.875485, 21.748810

Žemsodis Campsite is perfect for a soothing and rich experience as well as spending some quality time with your family, friends and loved ones. Everyone, starting with young children and ending with adults and the elderly, will find something of interest here. The campsite covers the territory of 6 ha and is well maintained and tidy. The campsite is surrounded by the Minija from two sides and offers a lot of free space for games and other activities of your choosing. All campers can use our free quality equipment for kayaking, standup paddleboarding (SUP), paddle boats and other means of water transportation that most children are usually keen to try out. Af...

21. Medaus slėnis, Area (ha): 2.75, Location: In the village

Raseinių g.19, Šilinė, LT-74465 Jurbarko r., 55.091945, 22.964196

Honey Valley is the perfect spot for a getaway and some quality rest in nature. The valley that can be seen from the shores of the Neman seems to emit serenity and a bright aura. Here, you can take it easy as you relax surrounded by unique nature or take up some fun and productive activities. Hop on a bike and ride along a 30-kilometer-long biking trail along the shores of the Neman. You will visit Panemunė and Raudonė Castles and witness the beauty of nature untouched by man with your own senses. Ovidijus, the Manager of Honey Valley, is a beekeeper. All guests of the campsite are more than welcome to have a taste of several varieties of honey and other pr...

22. Zarasai, Area (ha): 3, Location: In the village

Kauno g. 67, Zarasai, 55.718579, 26.222253

Zarasai Campsite is a spacious and low-budget campsite in Zarasai City, located next to the scenic shores of Zarasai lake. The campsite is managed by Zarasai Tourism and Business Information Center. The pitches have been carefully planned and adapted for both tents and campervans. We can offer 10 spots for campervans, about 100 spots for tents and a cottage that can accommodate 20 people. The territory is fenced and well protected. Each pitch has the necessary electricity network hook-up.

24. Olando kepurė, Area (ha): 60, Location: In the village

Krikštų 5, Karklė, LT – 92282 Klaipėdos raj., Lietuva, 55.798447, 21.078708

Karklė Region is renowned for its pine and oak forest-like parks and awe-inspiring locations one can encounter by taking simply walks along the park trails. The campsite is but a few hundred meters away from the sea. Upon reaching a natural heritage site called the Dutchman’s Cap, you can freely admire the cliff formed by the sea waves and the seaside with scattered boulders and stones. You can also find a nearby fisherman’s village, which is the only seaside village in Lithuania to have kept its unique ethnographic qualities. The campsite is an excellent choice for relaxation, leisure and sports. It is also a good location for various company me...

25. Dvarkiemis, Area (ha): 6, Location: In the village

Meškių k, Bubių sen., LT-80194 Šiaulių r, 55.865144, 23.171499

Meškių Dvarkiemis Campsite is located in a picturesque rural tourism homestead 7 km away from Šiauliai, along Highway A12. The homestead is an excellent spot for leisure and entertainment. The campsite offers the possibility to hold various events for up to 500 persons. The campsite is adapted for relaxation, entertainment, fishing, parties and meetings. The campsite offers: • 15 pitches for RVs and campervans • 150 spots for tents • Parking lot for 100 cars • The parking lot is suitable for cars, motorcycles, buses and bikes • The campsite offers free wi-fi, playground and volleyball court, a basketball hoop, paddle boat and Russian steam sauna. ...

26. Marijampolės, Area (ha): 5.7, Location: In the village

Kempingo g.44, LT-68122 Marijampolė, 54.520054, 23.342152

Marijampolė Campsite is located near VIA BALTICA, not too far from the border of Poland and Russia (Kaliningrad Region). The Campsite is located in the loop of the Šešupė and is perfect for families with children and people who enjoy fishing. We offer the following amenities and services: WCs, showers, kitchen, water and electricity hook-up at pitches, campervan washing equipment, children’s playgrounds, grill house, barbecue spots, washing machines, beach volleyball, basketball court, garden, paddle boat and bean bag rent, free wi-fi), hammocks and outdoor furniture. Marijampolė Campsite is ideal for spending some free time in beautiful nature. You can r...

27. Drevernos, Area (ha): 2,5, Location: In the village

Pamario g. 12, Drevernos k., LT-96240 Klaipėdos r., 55.516805, 21.234300

The four-star Dreverna Campsite was established in 2017. This is a paradise on earth for those who enjoy kiting, sailing or simply spending some quality time with their family. It is also the ideal spot for groups of friends and romantic couples. The lagoon, wind, sand and sun all combined make the land of Pamaris unique. The sight of the Curonian Lagoon and the Gray Dunes of the Curonian Spit, also widely known as the Dead Dunes, will enchant any visitor. Dreverna Campsite offers 45 wooden cottages that can accommodate eight people each and are located on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon (352 guests in total) and 22 pitches for campervans with hook-up to ele...

28. River Camp, Area (ha): 1, Location: In the village

A. Vienuolio g. 15, Šventupės k. LT-20362 Ukmergės r., 55.323780, 24.892897

RIVER CAMP is located on the banks of the Šventoji River in Šventupė (Vidiškių municipality, Ukmergė district, 83 km from Vilnius). The campsite features a kitchen for food preparation, clean toilets, hot showers, and a laundry room - all located in the administration building, which also houses our office.

The area is particularly suitable for families with children, as it's safe, clean, and offers plenty of space to enjoy nature. The campground has caravan pitches, tent pitches, and a children's playground.

The entire camping area is fenced and monitored by surveillance cameras, with all amenities adapted ...

29. Sunny Nights Camping & Homestead, Area (ha): 1,2, Location: In the village

Rygos g. 12A, Gataučiai, LT-84268, Joniškio raj., 56.157021, 23.533914

Sunny Nights Homestead & Camping is a 100 year old homestead and a former post station (Karaulka) established in 1910. The station served horse carriages that traveled between Riga and Kaliningrad. The homestead guests can enjoy unique environment, a historical guest house and a wonderful apple tree garden adapted for relaxation, parties and picnics. The Campsite also has a great pond with sandy beaches, volleyball court and other necessary infrastructure. The buildings are adorned in hippie and traditional Lithuanian decorations and homemade items. The authentic environment and lush nature will keep you occupied for hours. During the bright nights of Aug...

30. Camping & Camper place Pasvalys, Area (ha): 1.5, Location: In the village

Dvareliškių gatvė , Pasvalys, LT-39161, 56.050480, 24.373441

Pasvalys Campsite is located in a picturesque pine forest in the largest Pasvalys park. The campsite is a great place for relaxing, doing sports and having fun.

31. Slėnis Trakuose, Area (ha): 6, Location: In the village

Slėnio g.1, LT-21121 Trakai, 54.668300, 24.929352

You are most welcome to visit our mesmerizing oasis of nature that we call the VALLEY. You will find us in Trakai, in an oasis of nature surrounded by water bodies. Here, you can relax and enjoy the lush nature or take up some active leisure options that we offer. You can spend your nights in double, triple, quad and six-bed rooms, cottages and summer houses or choose your own tent or RV. Valley Campsite offers the following amenities: • Free wi-fi • Private beach without lounge chairs • Beautiful nature • Coffee and snack bar • Board games • Active leisure • Basketball court • Volleyball court • Mini-football fiel...

1. Obuolių sala, Area (ha): 14, Location: In the village

Salos g. 3, Žalvarių k, LT-33028 Molėtų r., 55.161435, 25.311623

The Apple Isle is a modern campsite and a resting spot on the island of Grabuostas Lake. Days of relaxation surrounded by nature of exceptional beauty and a great number of entertainment activities await you. Tourists have several accommodation options: four-person accommodation with amenities for families, and double rooms with shared shower and WC. The Campsite has pitches with all the required hook-up for RVs and tents. Even if you wish to spend here only one day, have a swim in the lake or use our grill equipment for a picnic, contact our management and choose the desired spot on our beach after paying the picnic fee. You are most welcome to visit our caf...

2. Druskininkų, Area (ha): 3,4, Location: In the city

Gardino g. 3A, Druskininkai, 54.009851, 23.978084

Druskininkai Campsite for 200 campers is located near the Tourism and Business Information Center. The pitches have been carefully planned and adapted for both campervans and tents. Each pitch has electricity and water supply. The campsite has 10 stationary camping homes, 7 Indian-style wigwams and 40 pitches for campervans and tents. If you come to Druskininkai from Vilnius or Kaunas by Highway A4, enter the town as per the directions of the road signs and take a left turn at the traffic lights near Statoil Gas Station. Turn right upon reaching the next traffic lights and you should see the Druskininkai Campsite sign in about 500 m.