Giruliai beach

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Type: Nature & Wildlife


Giruliai is located in the north of Klaipėda city – a small settlement surrounded by green forests and washed by the Baltic Sea. Due to the extremely beautiful and rich nature, a botanical-zoological reserve has been established here. The history of Giruliai as a recreation area is interesting and old. Two hundred years ago, there were sand dunes, which were planted with pine trees. Shortly afterward, the Prussian authorities gave local merchants the right to install bathing areas in Giruliai, and residents were allowed to rent summer houses. Now Giruliai beach is one of the favorite beaches of Klaipeda city, which is mostly chosen by families on vacation. An asphalt trail leads through the dunes to the shared beach. There is a lifeguard station on the beach, changing cabins and several cafes. One of the attractions of Giruliai beach is a wooden observation deck, built a few years ago. Vacationers love to climb it to look at the beach, to see the sunset, or take photos. Getting here: The distance from Klaipeda Old Town to Giruliai is about 7 km. You can come here not only by your own car, but also by Klaipeda public transport, and even by train. The journey from Klaipeda takes 7 minutes and costs only 0.40 Eur; however, the train runs only twice a day. Guests of Klaipeda who choose to rest in Giruliai have the opportunity to enjoy not only the beach but also the hiking and cycling trails. In an hour walk by the pine forest trail, the famous “Olando kepure” can be reached. In the north of Giruliai beach, there stands the World War II Coastal Artillery Battery “Memel-Nord”, built by the Germans. It has an exposition that can be visited (it is recommended to call and make an appointment in advance). Probably the strangest object to visit nearby is the Karklė village cemetery, which is considered to be the closest cemetery to the sea in Lithuania