Anykščiai Church

Vilniaus g. 8, Anykščiai 29147 Navigate 55.524752, 25.101907

Type: History & Culture


The first church was constructed in the second half of the 15th century. In 1500, Anykščiai Parish Priest had a dispute with the manor manager regarding a dessiatin (a land measurement unit of that time) of the Kavarskis Manor. In 1507, the land lot of the parish priest was determined. In the middle of the 16th century, Anykščiai Church was one of the richest churches in Vilnius Diocese. The parish managed over a hundred homesteads. The church burned down in the fire of 1566 and was later rebuilt. The church burned down once again in 1671 to be rebuilt by 1677. In 1673, in addition to the town, Anykščiai Parish also managed Elmininkai Folwark, Kalveliai, Liudiškiai, Medžiuoliai, Migonys, Miliūnai and Papiškiai Villages. During the time period from 1757 to 1768, a masonry church with a single tower was built by the initiative of Reverend Jonas Domininkas Lopacinskis (Samogitian Bishop from 1762 to 1778) and Reverend Tadas Milašius. The new church had a cross plan and five altars.