Joniškis Synagogue Complex

Miesto a. 4, Joniškis 84148 Navigate 56.240109, 23.616795

Type: History & Culture


A complex of two masonry synagogues of the 19th century stands in the center of the city. The complex is comprised of the awe-inspiring White Summer Synagogue of the late classicism and romanticism and the Red Winter Synagogue of historicism period with neogothic elements (Miesto A. 4B). The restored synagogues became important cultural and representative centers of the city. The synagogues serve as venues for European Jewish cultural events, conferences and seminars, presentations of art and concerts, presentations of publications and exhibitions. The Red Synagogue boasts a restored and recreated unique interior: ceiling decorations, wall murals, Aron Kodesh, where the Torah scriptures were held. The Synagogue has the exhibition titled Joniškis Region Jewish History and Culture that represents the history of Joniškis Jewish community until the Second World War. The White Synagogue offers an exhibition of modern methods that creatively relay the historical development of Joniškis and the key moments in city history.