Juniper Valley

Kadagynės g., Arlaviškių k., Taurakiemio sen. Navigate 54.814248, 24.179943

Type: Nature & Wildlife


Juniper Valley is a natural slope of Kaunas Lagoon that is grown over in junipers. The valley is 5 ha in area. The Juniper Valley is a part of Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park and a natural monument of national significance. A pedestrian walkway stretches for 1.3 km along the edge of the slope in the upper part of the Juniper Valley. The trail was built in 2010. It offers beautiful vistas of the Neman, Dabinta Island and a breath-taking outcrop. In 2016, the Juniper Valley Trail was recognized to be the most beautiful trail in Lithuania. For more information, please visit our website at