Jonas Gižas Ethnographic Homestead

Žvejų g. 13, Drevernos k., LT-96240, Klaipėdos r. Navigate 55.517542, 21.240261

Type: Activities


Jonas Gižas Ethnographic Homestead is located in Dreverna (Žvejų St. 13). It is the only remaining Lithuanian homestead of a shipbuilder. The museum introduces the shipbuilding and fishing traditions in Pamarys Region. In the beginning of the 20th century, Jonas Gižas (1867–1940) lived here in the beginning of the 20th century. Following a major reconstruction of the homestead in 2010, the museum acquired an interactive four-part exhibition titled J. Gižas. Opening the Chest of a Shipbuilder... The first part of the exhibition is dedicated to the shipbuilding in the region of the Curonian Lagoon, presenting the shipbuilding technological processes and the shipbuilding craft, starting with careful selection of materials and wood preparation and ending with boat shaping. Visitors can step into an improvised workshop and open the tool chest of the famous shipbuilder. Everyone can view the Curonian Lagoon map with marked locations of shipbuilders. The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the flat bottom fisher boats of the Curonian Lagoon region. Visitors can view the photographs and ship structure. In his old age, Jonas Gižas dedicated his time to fine works, such as sailboats, cruise ships, Kurenkahn and weathercocks. The remaining models of sail boats, such as the Kurenkahn, Keutelschiff, Braddenkahn, Ventekahn and other sail boats with accessories are the most valuable exhibits. The third part of the exhibition speaks of the methods used by the locals to cross the Curonian Lagoon, rivers and water canals. Sail boats served as both a means of transport to ship hay and cattle and a way to reach the church. The fourth part of the exhibition tells of the daily life of the residents of Pamarys Region. Daily household items and furniture can be views in a fully recreated kitchen, where the wife of the fisherman would do her chose while waiting for her husband to come back from the workshop or fishing. The homestead holds various tours and educational programs, including a family-oriented workshop titled Our Weathercock. Families can make their own colorful weathercock from wooden pieces to take home with them.