"Druskupis" Open-air Mineral Water Evaporation Structure

Algirdo g. 21, Birštonas Navigate 54.608648, 24.032892

Type: Special Interests


The only one in Lithuania - Druskupis mineral water evaporation facility in Birštonas, where you can enjoy exceptionally healthy "sea effect" air.

The "sea effect" air from the evaporator allows for a comprehensive combination of rehabilitation procedures at Birštonas Sanatoriums and natural remedies for health, which will only further enhance the healing effect and help the sufferers to stand on their feet faster. Breathing in salt-saturated air is particularly beneficial for people with a variety of respiratory illnesses, and this type of air also benefits the skin by making it smoother, supple and brighter with the action of mineral water. Meditation by observing the tap water improves well-being and helps overcome nervous tension.