Sunny Nights Camping

Rygos g. 12A, Gataučiai, LT-84268, Joniškio raj. Naviguer 56.157021, 23.533914

Nombre d'aires de stationnement: 20
Nombre de maisons: 2
Nombre total de lits: 22
Superficie (ha): 1,2


Information sur le camping

Assez d’ombre
Territoire clos et protégé
Adapté pour les handicapés
Réservation est possible
Sites fortifiés, drainés
Place de nettoyage des bio-toilettes
Raccordement à l'électricité
Gril/brochette gril

Infrastructure – équipement

Le lavabo avec eau chaude et froide
Le lavabo dans la propre cabine
Cabine de lavage avec porte
Douche avec l’eau froide/chaude
Salle de bains pour la famille
Prise pour le sèchoir à cheveux/rasoir
Capacité de préparer à manger
Machine à laver

Possibilités de loisir

Commune salle des rencontres/des jeuxs
Lieu de baignade dans le lac/rivière/mer
Connexion à l’Internet
Terrain de jeux pour les Enfants
Terrain de jeux avec le ballon
Chemin à courir

Location de matériel

Location de maisonnettes
Location de Tentes
Chambres à louer
Location de vélos

Descriptif du camping et plan de route

Sunny Nights Hostel & Camping grew from a 100-year-old post office to a homestead with a beautiful lush apple garden suitable for relax, celebration or picnic. Together with the buildings, nature and hand-made decorations, it creates an athmosphere which combines traditional lithuanian and hippie culture elements in a warm and colourful way. The Camping & Hostel grounds are home to a yearly Sunny Nights festival of music, arts and community. We'll be happy to show you around and tell about the story of this unique place. Also, there is a lovely pond near by with sand beach. Here at Sunny Nights Camping & Hostel we treat all guests with respect for their style of traveling, resting and having fun. Our staff are friendly and eager to help you with anything you might need, so don't hesitate to ask! We are dedicated to keeping an inviting and cosy athmosphere and will do what we can to make your visit here relaxing and one to remember. Our Camping & Hostel is located near one of travellers' favourite routes in the Baltics, with various things to see around by foot or by bike. The Hill of Crosses, a famous and strange landmark, is only an hour's bike ride away. We ourselves are travellers by nature and we will suggest you places to go, both nearby and further from our home. We offer an accommodation inside & outside. Campers, hitchhikers, motorcyclists, travelers with RV, hikers & cyclists are very welcome.