Čižiūnų g. 36A, Čižiūnų k.,LT-65444 Varėnos r. 54.369391, 24.832222

Number of sites: 20
Number of cottages: 2
Total number of beds: 2
Area (ha): 10 ha.


About the campsite'

Plenty shade
Fenced and guarded
Pitches with waste water drain
Electric Hook-up
Camp fire place
Outdoor barbecue

Infrastructure - equipment

Washbasin- hot/cold water
Shower hot/cold water
Electric point for hairdryers/razors
Cooking facilities

Free time activities

Bathing facilities in lake/river/sea

Inventory rental

Bicycle for rent
Canoe for hire

Description of the campsite and directions

Why “Bona Camping” and what is Bona? Born on February the 2nd in 1494, Bona Sforza d’Aragona was the Queen of Poland and the Grand Duchess of Lithuania, the wife of Sigismund the Old and the mother of Sigismund Augustus. It is logical to ask what unites the Duchess, born in Italy, and “Bona Camping”, called in her honor. The answer is simple, and even very interesting. Just a few hundred meters from the place where “Bona Camping” is settled, more than 400 years ago the Duchess Bona had her mansion and a hunting castle. The son of the Duchess - the Grand Duke of Lithuania, the King of Poland, Sigismund Augustus, was also fond of visiting, hunting and spending the night at this place. The foundation of this manor remained till our days. In this historic place you will be able to relax after a trip, you might even feel the spirit of Duchess times. If princes liked this place, we think, you might also love it.